Glen Allen

   Voice Over Artist

A biography - sort of!

Glen Allen was born in olden times. The eldest of three children born to Mr & Mrs Allen (no relation)
Born and raised in Wrexham (or, in the local dialect "Wrecsam"- wow completely different don't you agree? That's Welsh for you)

Leaving school he was promptly sold into slavery by his mother who worked at the local careers office. Having to get up at the crack of dawn he would cycle to an industrial estate where he was to pay his way by putting the lids on frozen lasagnes...all true!!
This lasted exactly 2 weeks when he decided "sod this for a living" and left both work and home.

He started visiting the local BBC Radio Station, Radio Clwyd, making friends and contacts and very soon became known as a pain in the arse. Persistence paid off and with a few presenting stints and many voxpops, Glen ingratiated himself upon the station and would constantly churn out embarrassing jingles & packages.

In 1991 in a surprising move Glen went to Pontins and became a Bluecoat (the entertainers, not the actual piece of clothing) and ran their on-site television service (P.T.V) for three years. This had a huge influence on his life and also damaged him severely.

In 1993 he applied for and got the position of Continuity Announcer on the recently established UKGold satellite channel. Rising to the heady rank of Senior Announcer he revelled in nostalgia and writing scripts for his TV screen heroes. It was the best time of his life (so-far)

After that it kind of all went downhill with work at BBC TV as a network announcer (Yes introducing Eastenders) and also Channel Five continuity.

As for 2009 well, being chosen to launch a brand new movie channel "MGM HD" (launched 14th Dec 09) is a great honour and I also got my chance to get further involved with Doctor Who, narrating the "Dalek War" DVD boxset for BBC Worldwide.

In 2015 I narrated my very first television series called Bahama Blue showing on UK TV