General General Neighbours Kym Valentine (Libby from Neighbours) 33621797 Ron Tarr & Leslie Grantham pictured with the production team during our UK Gold EastEnders shoot 22061130 On Air on Five The channel 5 continuity suite 26515685 Me 22061131 Elisabeth Sladen & Nicholas Courtney Sarah Jane Smith & Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart on UK Gold introducing the documentary "More than 30 years in the TARDIS" 22061132 Dot & Ethel! The fantastic June Brown and the legend that is Gretchen Franklin. EastEnders treasures..and a real hoot to work with 22061133 22061135 Monsters Inc. Various Dr Who monsters surround me during my time at UK Gold 26515915 Doctor WHO? Well when you see the TARDIS standing in the BBC car park, you simply MUST run and grab a camera! 26515926 Me circa 1997 Presenting on the original version of UK Gold . Happy times. 62190582 70086282