Glen Allen

   Voice Over Artist

From 1993-1997 I was Senior Announcer at UKGold
One of the best jobs I've ever had and where I got to meet a lot of my childhood heroes and which gave me quite a reputation in certain circles

Elisabeth Sladen & Nicholas Courtney
Introducing "More than 30 years in the TARDIS"
Lis was one of the most gracious people I've ever met.
We dissected K9 & COMPANY over several lunches :-)
Sadly both of these fine actors are no longer with us.



As if these two need any introduction...
Ok it's  Gretchen "Ethel Skinner" Franklin and June "Dot Cotton" Brown.
Ron, Leslie, Gretchen and June recorded a special episode of EastEnders that I'd written for them.



Paul Darrow of Blakes 7 fame came in to record some special links for the episodes.
I was a little wary of meeting him but he proved to be an absolute gent
and was quite happy for me to send "Avon" up in some of the scripts I wrote for him, as well as Jenna who we decided was always being kidnapped week after week...and Cally who was possessed every three weeks.. :-)